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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Journaling and Fabric Page

Life is just a bowl of cherries...well I could say it's a bowl of something else-but i won't.
Ok- so i felt like eating my house last night and decided that's really not what my body needed (not really what my mind needed), so i grabbed a stack of mags, a stick of glue and my markers. I guess i had some "mind candy"- that's what i'll call it. I loved it- so did my mind. Before you know it- i had a couple real cool journal pages and i felt occupied and content. dang- i hate it when i feel spastic and restless. it's not about being bored...it's something else- there is no name for the feeling i sometimes have. anyway....here's what i did and i love it.

This is a vintage page i am working on. It's done with lots of different fabrics (creating layers w/ fabric) and lots of tid bits. This is far from being finished but thought i would share it's current stage. I used TAP (transfer artist paper by Leslie Riley) to transfer my vintage photo. i just love old photos.
Have an awesome night and i thank God it's Friday eve!! I so need a happy hour...

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween...headed to a costume party. This was a last minute decision to go- so here we are. Not sure what "we" are tonight....little bit of punk, rock and goth and glitter (always have to have the fairy dust). Have a wonderful safe night. I miss taking my son out to trick or treat...hum...how time fly's so quickly. He's with a friend being safe and making good choices..I am sure of it.
~jodi (the rocker girl-well...tonight anyway)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Snow Day

(had one yesterday too)

I am super excited!! No work today and we didn't work yesterday either due to our lovely snow here in Denver. Wow...it's beautiful- very cold.... but beautiful.

So...bumped into this lovely "fun" fabric while in Houston. Whipped up a couple "trick or treat" bags for a couple gal pals. Thought i'd share em here on my blog. I may make a couple more today...they were quite popular!! :)

Today...gonna do some more sewing and i'd like to paint some canvas to prepare for fabric books. Have an awesome day!

(ha! I just love em).......
Peace out-

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I shall create today

Today was the day for me to create and express myself. I had an absolute BLAST!! Good music, a cup of hot chocolate and my Lucy curled at my feet...ahhhhh- what more can a women ask for.

I created TODAY!! i have been spending sooo much time admiring the works of others and today i sat in the drivers seat. Sometimes I feel that i do more looking and admiring that creating.

This is a work in progress- a photo transfer and fabric collage technique i learned in Houston (by Lesley Riley- hope you all check out her blog...awesome artist!). Used lots of scraps and still need to embellish- this was really fun. I will make many more - i have SO many photos and can't wait to use my vintage pics. This is a self portrait with black ink.

Here- I used a Halloween photo from a few years past and stitched it onto a piece of scrapbook paper- this was fun too (hope my lovely friends don't mind being a part of my blog post-ha!). By the way...i'm on the far right (lovely dreads right?)...I LOVE Halloween!

Hope you too created today.
Jodi :)

Houston Trip


My first time ever to attend THE 2009 International Quilt Festival. All I can say is WOW! I had and shared a wonderful time with my dear mother Rosalyn, my Aunt Linda and Grandmother Bea. My Grandma is a fabulous quilter and has been featured in several quilting magazines and calender. She put the needle in my mom's hand and my mom passed it to me. Thanks mom! We all enjoyed each other and really had a great time.

Mom and I enjoyed the hotel and it's mod style. It was lovely. We enjoyed cocktails early evenings and warm cookies w/milk after dinner. Dang was this FUN!

Some art we ran into in the hotel. It appeared to be aluminum cans that had been cut into rings...super cool and so colorful. Didn't see the artists name anywhere to be found.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

More Halloween

Hello- hope you are snuggled and warm if you are in the Denver area...heck...it's just darn right cold out there today. A little snow fell from the heavens this am and it was beautiful! It didn't stick...that too is beautiful!
I am headed to Houston this week to attend the 2009 Quilt Festival- they will have many booths with mixed media as well (can't wait for that). My Grandma Bea has invited my mom, aunt and myself to enjoy!!! We are all very excited...i am gonna come back on fire and ready to create!
Thought i'd share what i did all morning...1st off- got the idea from the recent Somerset (my mind doesn't think up things like this-yet anyway). I sketched the design onto my wood, wood-burned the design and then went to town with paint, layers of tissue paper (you can't see them in the pic), more paint and of course...a crap load of glitter! I LOVE glitter---enjoy. Hope you are all making something fun today too!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Journal Cover and Red Lips

I finally decorated the cover of my art/anything goes journal....covered it with all the things i love in my life...I still have the back to complete. What fun it is to just cut, paste and paint....oh- how i love this feeling. the feeling of freedom- no one will judge my journal (contents or otherwise)...there are no mistakes here. I love it!

And...how i love lip gloss!!! i have to keep lip gloss on my lips at all times. I especially want this one! i will hunt for it come payday! It's pretty glossy...bet i will be able to stick to the wall with this stuff! ha!! I know this entry is random...perhaps my mind is racing in 100 different directions today. I need a candle and some soft music...i think i need to relax.

have a wonderful evening...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Party Time...

Feels like fall out today so...decided to whip up a little Halloween wool banner. I think i like it...reminds me of candy corn.
I am headed out to search for my Halloween decorations. I am going to tear the garage apart until i find all my pumpkins!!! SOmeday I will be organized...until then.


Friday, September 25, 2009

It's a Halloween Party!!

Hello everyone!! Hope you are enjoying your Friday afternoon. The sun is shining and there is "fall" in the air....it's chilly willy (i love this time of year)! Wanted to share this party invite with all of you...hope you will check it out. There's even gonna be FREE workshops!! Yea! Here's the link http://monicazuniga.blogspot.com/
Monica's paintings are absolutely beautiful...love her work! Enjoy.

Enjoy the rest of your day!
Jodi :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Happy Birthday to MOM! My mom is thee most beautiful woman i know (inside and out). I love you mom....all your "babies" love you with all our hearts! Hope you enjoy your special day and enjoy your special dinner made by Grandma Bea. PS-will you save me a piece of your birthday pumpkin pie?? Yum!
See you real soon my mom-
love you-

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Frida Wood Box

Oh...how i love Frida. Have you seen the movie Frida??? it's one of my favs! i have the DVD and watch it all the time. Anyway....I have wanted something to do with Frida for a long time....decided to make something. Used a photo of Frida from a book (hurt a little to cut it out but i can appreciate her now at a glance instead of having to open her book-it's all good) and used gel medium to adhere the pic and other fun colors to the sides of the wooden box ($1 @Michaels), splashed a little paint on and then ...glued some wooden pegs deals on w/ wood glue. oh...don't ever forget the glitter...used lots of it too. :) Do you like it?
Added some beads...don't know why and i don't like em here....too bad for me...they are here to stay!
I love it!!
Glued a cool pic to the inside (bottom) .... can't wait to place something real special in here!! My mom gave me a two sided quarter (a long time ago)...i think this will be the new home of my cool quarter! I also made a calm "Zen" box for my friend Sherri...gave it to her today. I think she really liked it.

Well peops...Hope you are creating and loving life. I finished these boxes last night...so relaxing. I know the days can be tough at work and all that life tosses our way....but...even if it's just for a few minutes....create-write a couple lines- jot an idea in your journal (scrap paper if you have too).....do it for you- i do it for me and it sure feels good.

Peace to all-
Enjoy the rest of your evening-

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I can feel fall in the air (mostly in the early am's). I like it. I painted a "witchy girl" after looking at the new Cloth, Paper Scissors magazine (love that one too). I felt like eating candy corn...instead i thought i would paint. So...here she is. Had something else in mind but here's what came about. Can't wait to paint more. Want to get some wood and do some wood burning too. This witchy mamma is going to a friend. She just bought a home and she loves Halloween. Hope she likes her. (face inspired by Suzi Blu- Petite class)
have a wonderful day....i sooo want to bbq today.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Haircut for my Matt

My son Matthew....
now this is what i call a haircut....i actually really like it. Matt is a trendsetter for hairstyles at his school (i am sure of it!). We have made it though the 1st week of High School. Um....I just can't believe my son is in HS...can't quit get over that. It is so much fun watching Matthew bloom, unfold, listen to all his dreams and most of all....be his mother. Unconditional LOVE. I love being a mom....i love you Matt.

What an artistic haircut (done my CO Reed's in Lakewood).

Enjoy your evening...i am on my way out the door with my dog Lucy...she's ready and waiting for her evening stroll.

jodi :O

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Great movie...

I loved the movie (Julie&Julia). I think Julia was a kick in the pants! I have watched Julia Child on PBS and other TV spots- what a cool woman! Hope you get out to see the movie. We had a wonderful time! We enjoyed the movie and had a blast looking at all the cool shops at the Cherry Creek Mall- wow! I have been a good girl this year and Santa must prepare...it's gonna be a long list! AL- thanks for the treat!! :)

Enjoy your day- make it a special one! I'm headed out to get the new Somerset (Mixed Media magazine).....SUZI BLU IS IN THERE!!!!! Can't wait to get it in my little hands.......... I hope they have it....that will make me combust if they don't.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Julie's on-line class

I am wanting to take this class...I love love love journals and need help with binding...plus...i love this gal's painting techniques.... want to take the classes too? here's the info---sounds like FUN!
~jodi :)

Art Journaling Super Nova Promo Video from Julie Prichard on Vimeo.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


I had SOO much fun making this "fairy jar" (i think that's what they are called). Used an old jelly jar and cut out a fairy, glued lots of glitter and other fun jewels on her, filled the jar with rose petals, stars, more glitter, splashed a little paint behind her and ta-da....It's a fairy in a jar for my niece!! Hope she likes it...
Well- this is another weekend creation... not sure i like her. Her face is too long but it's just what happened. The cool thing is....is that i didn't "look" at anything when i created her. I just went with it and this is what came of a brave moment.
Her brown eyes....
and she is a dreamer....

I would like to thank all of you for taking a look at our blog- that makes me feel so good inside to open my blog and see a comment or two. That really flips my skirt. :)
Matthew has started school- he is a FRESHMAN in HIGH SCHOOL!! OMGoodness....where o where has the time gone??? Whew- can't believe my "baby boy" is in high school. I am excited, thrilled and a little nervous...what fun- to be a teenager and have so little responsibilities. If we only knew then what we know now. Would you do it any differently if you could do it all over again? I sure as heck would...

enjoy your day- make it a great one!
see you next time-

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Calm Weekend...

Just enjoying the weekend...it's still outside and the sun is shining. I have had a pitcher of Passion Tazo tea and enjoyed a cold glass outside with my Lucy. Had a fun morning and painted a little last night. I have soo missed painting and creating- been busy with life and work. We must MAKE time for our fun- for our passion. Doesn't matter if it's big or small or what it is. We all know what fires us up...what makes our engines run. I know what does it for me- what does it for you?? Here's a couple pages...not sure if i like em...but it's what was created and it released lots of stress. The lady isn't finished- need to work on the bird and add lots of glitter (not done till i do this). Have fun today! :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009


I am loving my new journal by the way!! Here's my first attempt at a bird...I heard them singing this am and it was just lovely...i wish i could listen to them all day.

What a weekend!!! I learned alot this weekend- just how much I take for granted each day. Hopped into my car on Saturday morning and click. click. click.........OMG....the car would start! (i was headed to the gym...my one day a week gym trip- an no can do!). My lovely neighbor gave me a lift and I installed (is that the right word) a new battery! I am also thankful that it was a dead battery and not a dead alternator or something else real nice and pricey. Last weekend I had new brakes put on. I do take for granted that my car will start every time, I take for granted my heart beats, I take for granted my breath. I am THANKFUL- more aware and THANKFUL. Being thankful has brought me peace today....here's a little of what i just painted...inspired by an artist (Zorana) in artful blogging (great magazine).

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Art Day July 5th 2009

Art Day at my house. Mom came to visit me and we thought it would be great to create and share some time together. My Aunt Linda joined us and shared her newest fabric beads and creations.
Matthew (my son) is very much into the urban art scene and has a love for art of all kinds. He worked on creating his own ink from ink pens and also made his own stencils. He then used spray paint to get just the look and feel he was looking for- thanks for joining us son!
Loving art....loving this time together!
Obama stencil Matt created ... loving the spray paint and cool "homemade" inks.
Today was so much fun! Mom will be traveling home tomorrow- sure the family back home will welcome mom back home with open arms! She is an awesome cook and bet they can't wait to have her back!! We will miss her here- God knows I will. Thanks Aunt Linda for coming to share all your ideas, yummy snacks and most of all time and love! Was cool to have my son Matt join in too- we made lots of fun memories today! May we create and make many many more!
Looking foward to our next art day-
Hope everyone creates and has an art day of their own- it's fun!