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Monday, June 29, 2009

It's a Monday- a great vacation day Monday

Good am- I am up early and scheduled a vacation- play day for myself today. Thought i would share the journal pages i worked on last night. Wanted to also share these.... I love my new dress forms....they are metal (the only ones i could find)- i really think they are cool. Now i have a place to put my necklaces when i take em off downstairs (ha!). i want to use these when my mom and i have a booth at a show. Our goal is do have a booth this year at a craft show or make our own open house deal- come on mom- let's do it!
Wanted to share this too.......My son Matthew (aka Dez One)....performed for the first time at Cervantes here in Denver- WOW! Matthew loves music and is fond of the hip-hop scene. He creates his own beats and writes his own lyrics. I am so proud of you son!!!!
I have started a journal page...not done but it's a start and i didn't lose my ticket!
Lucy needs a haircut...she'll have to wait til payday AND stand in line. Mom and Matt need could use a trim too (my trim is cheaper that hers). She's also ready for a walk...one more minute Lucy!
Inspired by Suzi Blu. Took an on-line class from Suzi Blu a while back and can't wait for her new Portrait & Poet class- it's coming up. Here's a link to her blog (she's awesome and i have followed her for a long time) http://suziblu.ning.com/
Here's a random journal page from last night....cut a cute pic from a Yoga mag and used it for inspiration. I would love to be bathed in "calm" during all situations. You know those folks that can remain calm in a crisis or in long lines or a the airport. I'm gonna be calm....remain calm..... :)
Hope you bathe yourself in calm today...find something calm to bathe in!!! have a beautiful day!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Fun...

Gotta have some tea on a Sunday (everyday!). My favorite....Tazo...Passion- just love it. I like mixing it with lemonade too....Passion Tea Lemonade on crushed ice.....oh- it is YUM!
Ok- so here my mess- but I'm having so much fun. Had to take break to allow my next page in my journal to dry. I am loving my Moleskin- cool pages. Still afraid to mess it up but I am working through the fear and just going for it!!!
Trying the "drippy" method....i kind of like it...not sure what to do next- i'll post what i come up with when i'm done.
Here's what i did last night- it's fun making a "mess"....it's just for me- no rules- no one to judge- it's great. Freedom.....a free spirit....a free soul. :)
Have a beautiful day- hope someone else out there is making a "mess"!!

ps- THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all those wonderful ladies who visited our blog this weekend for the Mad Hatters Party- dang- that was so cool. So many wonderful artists out there....I really enjoyed it...i'm still working my way through a few more blogs. I find myself reading and reading and searching through their lives....opps- i forgot the laundry, my lucy needs the potty (scratching on the door). I can really lose myself looking and admiring all the work out there. THanks again....can't wait to hold the drawing..how cool is that!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fabric Bowl and Earring party giveaway....

It's party time.....

Gonna have a drawing....I am in a real party mood! This is gonna be so much FUN! Leave a comment and you will be entered into our blog drawing. I will be giving away one of my mom's little fabric bowls (so cute) and a pair of my crystal earrings (ss). I'll put your name in a fancy hat and draw two names.... bowl first then the earrings. Drawing to be held on July 1st. Maybe i'll do another video.......Thanks for coming over!!! :) Enjoy your party!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blue Eyes Cryin in the Rain....one of my fav songs!!

some of my journal...

I love tea and enjoyed painting the stacked cups. Painting this was a real quick stress reliever. Had fun and got carried away with making the white specks....had white paint everywhere-ooops!
This was interesting to paint...a self-portrait. This is what i would look like- thin. This is what i would wear too. Ohh la la....I just love off the shoulder tops. Couldn't wear anything like- my boulder holder works overtime. I wish..i wish..
Just had to share these too! Mom sent me a love package in the mail and i adore them. She is too sweet- my friend did a huge favor for me and mom made her a few hot pads (mom said i could keep the rest)....not sure if any of these beauties are leaving my home (just kidding mom!)
have a great night....i want to write more tonight but my eyeballs are on fire- 9 hours in front of a computer at work and then i run home to check out blogs....um....my poor ojos!!!
Til next time-

Monday, June 15, 2009


I wish i had someone to dance with me...someday under the dim light....

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Project Sunday...

Had fun today...I created this painting for my dad for Father's Day. It's a real cool canvas size and it's wide- so no need for frame. I am happy with it and hope my dad likes it too.

Lovely's by Rosalyn...

Had to share these....mom made these lovely bookmarks....they are super cool and will hold your place in that special read.
Mom used clay, baked them and painted her favorite words on them. She used lots of different threads and ribbons to add color and lots of texture.

Fabric bowl made my mom as well. Another one of her many cool designs. This one especially reminds me of spring and summer...all the colors and vines. I love the yummy beads she hand-stitched around the outside of the bowl.
Mom shared with me yesterday that she is working on more projects...can't wait to see what she has been up to!!!
Have a wonderful day everyone!
jodi :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Lucy girl

Lucy is our pet and we have had her for going on 9 or ten years!! Matt (my son) and I just love love love her! Lucy makes me happy...she listens to me and knows everything about me. She looks at me when i am telling her about my day- with that shiny little nose and lovely, blinky eyes. She has heard it all...my Lucy always greets me with so much love. This is a painting of my Lucy. I had another one of the entire painting- clicked a button and don't know where the heck it went. gone- gone forever. Anyway...I love my Lucy. If anyone of you reading this has a pet (especially a dog- you know what I am talking about). The love for your pet- the love I have for my Lucy girl. Can't really even explain it...yep- i'm a dog lover! :)
Jodi :)
ps- Lucy is scratching at the door- "come on mom- I need to do my business!"

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The gift of today...sunshine

The gift of another day is here. Something I sometimes take for granted...oh...i'll do that tomorrow...i'll call that friend and loved one tomorrow.... I say do it today. What will you do with your gift of today? Tomorrow is promised to no one. (Sun by jodi- I burned my sketch into wood and then painted, added glitter (lots of star glitter too and bees wax- was way fun). Today...do something you love....call someone you love! :) have a beautiful day to all.