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Saturday, October 10, 2009

More Halloween

Hello- hope you are snuggled and warm if you are in the Denver area...heck...it's just darn right cold out there today. A little snow fell from the heavens this am and it was beautiful! It didn't stick...that too is beautiful!
I am headed to Houston this week to attend the 2009 Quilt Festival- they will have many booths with mixed media as well (can't wait for that). My Grandma Bea has invited my mom, aunt and myself to enjoy!!! We are all very excited...i am gonna come back on fire and ready to create!
Thought i'd share what i did all morning...1st off- got the idea from the recent Somerset (my mind doesn't think up things like this-yet anyway). I sketched the design onto my wood, wood-burned the design and then went to town with paint, layers of tissue paper (you can't see them in the pic), more paint and of course...a crap load of glitter! I LOVE glitter---enjoy. Hope you are all making something fun today too!

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