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Sunday, July 12, 2009


I am loving my new journal by the way!! Here's my first attempt at a bird...I heard them singing this am and it was just lovely...i wish i could listen to them all day.

What a weekend!!! I learned alot this weekend- just how much I take for granted each day. Hopped into my car on Saturday morning and click. click. click.........OMG....the car would start! (i was headed to the gym...my one day a week gym trip- an no can do!). My lovely neighbor gave me a lift and I installed (is that the right word) a new battery! I am also thankful that it was a dead battery and not a dead alternator or something else real nice and pricey. Last weekend I had new brakes put on. I do take for granted that my car will start every time, I take for granted my heart beats, I take for granted my breath. I am THANKFUL- more aware and THANKFUL. Being thankful has brought me peace today....here's a little of what i just painted...inspired by an artist (Zorana) in artful blogging (great magazine).


  1. Glad to hear that it turned out fine. Tony says you should still get your alternator checked to be sure that it was not negatively impacted. It's great that you have turned lemon into lemonaide. Your picture is beautiful. Love A L

  2. I love your bird. I just started an art journal too....well I guess I haven't actually started yet. Just bought the supplies.
    Anyway thank you for the beautiful earrings you sent me from the giveaway. I got them a few days ago but could not find the email to send you a thank you reply.
    Thank your mom for the awesome case they came in. It was indeed cool. I loved the stitching.

    Have a great weekend.