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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Frida Wood Box

Oh...how i love Frida. Have you seen the movie Frida??? it's one of my favs! i have the DVD and watch it all the time. Anyway....I have wanted something to do with Frida for a long time....decided to make something. Used a photo of Frida from a book (hurt a little to cut it out but i can appreciate her now at a glance instead of having to open her book-it's all good) and used gel medium to adhere the pic and other fun colors to the sides of the wooden box ($1 @Michaels), splashed a little paint on and then ...glued some wooden pegs deals on w/ wood glue. oh...don't ever forget the glitter...used lots of it too. :) Do you like it?
Added some beads...don't know why and i don't like em here....too bad for me...they are here to stay!
I love it!!
Glued a cool pic to the inside (bottom) .... can't wait to place something real special in here!! My mom gave me a two sided quarter (a long time ago)...i think this will be the new home of my cool quarter! I also made a calm "Zen" box for my friend Sherri...gave it to her today. I think she really liked it.

Well peops...Hope you are creating and loving life. I finished these boxes last night...so relaxing. I know the days can be tough at work and all that life tosses our way....but...even if it's just for a few minutes....create-write a couple lines- jot an idea in your journal (scrap paper if you have too).....do it for you- i do it for me and it sure feels good.

Peace to all-
Enjoy the rest of your evening-


  1. hi there! i found you at hautewhimsy and thoughti would say hello. looks like we both have a ton in common. i too, have a large hershey's can to use for my craft stuff :) i really admire frieda...if i didn't take care, my brows would look exactly like hers! i really like your blog and your style...nice to "meet" you :)