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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween...headed to a costume party. This was a last minute decision to go- so here we are. Not sure what "we" are tonight....little bit of punk, rock and goth and glitter (always have to have the fairy dust). Have a wonderful safe night. I miss taking my son out to trick or treat...hum...how time fly's so quickly. He's with a friend being safe and making good choices..I am sure of it.
~jodi (the rocker girl-well...tonight anyway)

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  1. You ROCK. So does Lucy, she's such a cute little dog. Hope your Halloween was a blast. We had 10 Trick O' Treaters visit our place; we gave out a lot of candy with a lot left over. Then went to bed by 10:00. We are a real drag.

    I am still working on my 6x8 art piece for you, Ro and mom. Thought I could whip them together in a flash, but no, it's taking a bit more time. That's okay though, it's a lot of fun.