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Sunday, October 25, 2009

I shall create today

Today was the day for me to create and express myself. I had an absolute BLAST!! Good music, a cup of hot chocolate and my Lucy curled at my feet...ahhhhh- what more can a women ask for.

I created TODAY!! i have been spending sooo much time admiring the works of others and today i sat in the drivers seat. Sometimes I feel that i do more looking and admiring that creating.

This is a work in progress- a photo transfer and fabric collage technique i learned in Houston (by Lesley Riley- hope you all check out her blog...awesome artist!). Used lots of scraps and still need to embellish- this was really fun. I will make many more - i have SO many photos and can't wait to use my vintage pics. This is a self portrait with black ink.

Here- I used a Halloween photo from a few years past and stitched it onto a piece of scrapbook paper- this was fun too (hope my lovely friends don't mind being a part of my blog post-ha!). By the way...i'm on the far right (lovely dreads right?)...I LOVE Halloween!

Hope you too created today.
Jodi :)

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  1. I too created on Sunday. For hours i found little things to avoid the blank work table. I had lots of ideas, but avoided starting. Thought that I needed to run to the store for MORE supplies. (Yeah, right, like I need MORE supplies.) When I finally forced myself to sit down and create I started to have so much fun, and sad that I had to stop to make dinner. Now the work week is back in full swing and won't be able to get back to creating until the next weekend. Why is it so hard to start???

    Love AL

    PS - looks like you did well with the TAP paper.