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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Snow Day

(had one yesterday too)

I am super excited!! No work today and we didn't work yesterday either due to our lovely snow here in Denver. Wow...it's beautiful- very cold.... but beautiful.

So...bumped into this lovely "fun" fabric while in Houston. Whipped up a couple "trick or treat" bags for a couple gal pals. Thought i'd share em here on my blog. I may make a couple more today...they were quite popular!! :)

Today...gonna do some more sewing and i'd like to paint some canvas to prepare for fabric books. Have an awesome day!

(ha! I just love em).......
Peace out-


  1. You are a crazy woman. Lucky you for TWO days off. I am WORKING from home all of this week, can't play until after 5:00.

    WOW, your bags really turned out COOL. Your friends will love them.

    Love AL

  2. Ooh! Very fun! Hope you had a good time at your halloween party and no work!!