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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cake Time

Happy Birthday to Devin! A dear sweet friend of mine asked me to bake her sons birthday cake...I was honored. Here she is...well "he" is. Devin LOVED his cake. I had more fun with this little guy. It all began watching my mum...years ago in our little trailer (piece of shit trailer- i hate trailers---oops). My mother would bake the most beautiful cakes, decorate them ever so sweetly and we would deliver them together!! I always was amazed and still am- my mom can make anything work- we're talking busted cakes- pieces crumbling- the entire cake sticking- SHE ALWAYS MADE IT WORK!!! and....She STILL DOES! My mum can fix anything- anything. I do love baking cakes and best of all- decorating. I can't wait til my next cake project...gonna be a shark with bloody fangs. Gonna be fun- this weekend- it's Batman time. Hope they like it.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Flying Free

Freedom...my life belongs to me. Yes- it belongs to me. Your life belongs to you as well. Yes- it's true. Choices...they are mine to make. Good ones maybe some bad ones...none the less- they are mine to make. My life belongs to me.
Flying free..like the eagles...flying free- my thoughts; my spirit; my soul. Freedom...flying free.

Friday, July 2, 2010


Life is rough- it's beautiful- it's short- it's a journey- can be painful- can be sweet....can be just plain crazy. Thank God I can keep my hands busy and create. This kept me from thinking of things i can't change at the moment. Felt good to play- get paint on my hands, under my finger nails...yes!!!!
Hope you enjoyed your day---Happy 4th!! I love this holiday....one of the most romantic holidays in my book. No romance for me again this year???? maybe...maybe not.