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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Journaling and Fabric Page

Life is just a bowl of cherries...well I could say it's a bowl of something else-but i won't.
Ok- so i felt like eating my house last night and decided that's really not what my body needed (not really what my mind needed), so i grabbed a stack of mags, a stick of glue and my markers. I guess i had some "mind candy"- that's what i'll call it. I loved it- so did my mind. Before you know it- i had a couple real cool journal pages and i felt occupied and content. dang- i hate it when i feel spastic and restless. it's not about being bored...it's something else- there is no name for the feeling i sometimes have. anyway....here's what i did and i love it.

This is a vintage page i am working on. It's done with lots of different fabrics (creating layers w/ fabric) and lots of tid bits. This is far from being finished but thought i would share it's current stage. I used TAP (transfer artist paper by Leslie Riley) to transfer my vintage photo. i just love old photos.
Have an awesome night and i thank God it's Friday eve!! I so need a happy hour...