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Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I can feel fall in the air (mostly in the early am's). I like it. I painted a "witchy girl" after looking at the new Cloth, Paper Scissors magazine (love that one too). I felt like eating candy corn...instead i thought i would paint. So...here she is. Had something else in mind but here's what came about. Can't wait to paint more. Want to get some wood and do some wood burning too. This witchy mamma is going to a friend. She just bought a home and she loves Halloween. Hope she likes her. (face inspired by Suzi Blu- Petite class)
have a wonderful day....i sooo want to bbq today.


  1. What a great idea and she is beautiful. Your friend will love her. You continue to surprise and delight me with your talent and your great work. I love everything you do. Do you every have any failures, or do they all come out a winner?

  2. Oh my goodness...i have no idea who left this comment for me. I am so flattered. first of all...thank you to the kind soul who left this message. failures???? if you only knew!! i have more flops than flips- BUT....i am learning to not get frustrated with them and accept the projects that don't follow my plan. it's always those pieces that i love most anyway. so..what really is a failure??? HUm...
    thanks again! Peace-
    ~jodi :)