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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Great movie...

I loved the movie (Julie&Julia). I think Julia was a kick in the pants! I have watched Julia Child on PBS and other TV spots- what a cool woman! Hope you get out to see the movie. We had a wonderful time! We enjoyed the movie and had a blast looking at all the cool shops at the Cherry Creek Mall- wow! I have been a good girl this year and Santa must prepare...it's gonna be a long list! AL- thanks for the treat!! :)

Enjoy your day- make it a special one! I'm headed out to get the new Somerset (Mixed Media magazine).....SUZI BLU IS IN THERE!!!!! Can't wait to get it in my little hands.......... I hope they have it....that will make me combust if they don't.


1 comment:

  1. The movie was a blast. It made me want to go out and buy the Cook Book and try some of those recipes. You know how we love to eat. I had a great time at the Mall too.

    Love A L