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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Birds are awesome...

Spring is in the air...i and loving the music in the am!! the birds are chirping and it makes me so happy. i love em.
these are birds that were painted by my Grandmother- Bea Mansanarez. She is an amazing quilter and China painter...and has many more talents as well. thought i would share some of her works with you- i love you Grams Bea! (i'll share some of my Grandpa Cam's work later too- he's awesome as well!)
ps- if you are interested in purchasing any items you see here (she has fabulous mugs w/ her birds)- please e-mail me at jlsparklz@comcast.net
enjoy- peace- and listen for those birds!

Monday, April 19, 2010


Happy Birthday to Jediah!!
Today is his first birthday- wish we were there to help em all celebrate!!

 I just love this photo of my lovely sis with her beautiful family. They recently traveled to Disney World had shared a wonderful time together!! Wishing our hito an awesome birthday!! We love you- miss you all too!
~titi Jodi :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Unburdened Box

Here is my lovely box that Sherri created...I LOVE IT!! thank you Sherri ! I'll post more pics later- ones that include the inside and art surrounding the box. The inside is fabulous as well!
Please visit Sherri's blog.

Have  wonderful day- make it a wonderful day!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Heart

Well- I have to say I have had SOOO much fun with this project. My friend and I have exchanged a little something and have put a whole lot of ourselves into the project. We met today for coffee and re-exchanged our projects. ( i know i didn't do a very good job of explaining our process- hopefully you get the idea and i hope you try it too!)  I had given her an antique cigar box and she gave me a board (Sherri- i can never remember what the name of the board is). Anyway- Sherri and i have meet up every now and then to exchange ideas, thoughts about art and lots of other topics- she is the most peaceful woman i know. Sherri is the kind of woman that makes me feel good about myself and i always walk away feeling so calm. Her energy is filled with kindness; gentleness.  I am so grateful she is my friend and in my life (Thank you Sherri- truly.)
Here is what i created for her (from her board she already had started). I hope she enjoys it. :)
I baked clay and had a blast!! i stamped; glued; painted; added more paint; gesso; glitter; glass tiles and beads. This was way cool to do. Much inspiration came from the book my mom lent to me- it's called Mixed media Mosaics by Laurie Mika. I will post what Sherri made for me tomorrow....it's fabulous! :)

Have an awesome evening.
ps- speaking of "hearts"....i think it's something i know i take for granted...my heart. It's so very fragile (yet so strong). I think nothing of it and have been lately. I love my heart...my heart loves.