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Sunday, July 12, 2009


I am loving my new journal by the way!! Here's my first attempt at a bird...I heard them singing this am and it was just lovely...i wish i could listen to them all day.

What a weekend!!! I learned alot this weekend- just how much I take for granted each day. Hopped into my car on Saturday morning and click. click. click.........OMG....the car would start! (i was headed to the gym...my one day a week gym trip- an no can do!). My lovely neighbor gave me a lift and I installed (is that the right word) a new battery! I am also thankful that it was a dead battery and not a dead alternator or something else real nice and pricey. Last weekend I had new brakes put on. I do take for granted that my car will start every time, I take for granted my heart beats, I take for granted my breath. I am THANKFUL- more aware and THANKFUL. Being thankful has brought me peace today....here's a little of what i just painted...inspired by an artist (Zorana) in artful blogging (great magazine).

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Art Day July 5th 2009

Art Day at my house. Mom came to visit me and we thought it would be great to create and share some time together. My Aunt Linda joined us and shared her newest fabric beads and creations.
Matthew (my son) is very much into the urban art scene and has a love for art of all kinds. He worked on creating his own ink from ink pens and also made his own stencils. He then used spray paint to get just the look and feel he was looking for- thanks for joining us son!
Loving art....loving this time together!
Obama stencil Matt created ... loving the spray paint and cool "homemade" inks.
Today was so much fun! Mom will be traveling home tomorrow- sure the family back home will welcome mom back home with open arms! She is an awesome cook and bet they can't wait to have her back!! We will miss her here- God knows I will. Thanks Aunt Linda for coming to share all your ideas, yummy snacks and most of all time and love! Was cool to have my son Matt join in too- we made lots of fun memories today! May we create and make many many more!
Looking foward to our next art day-
Hope everyone creates and has an art day of their own- it's fun!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Winners are...

Hi everyone! OMGoodness- i have been looking forward to this all day! You'd think i was doing a drawing for a car or something massive!
OK....i couldn't find a fancy hat...truth is- i was too excited to look for one. came home from work- took my Lucy girl out to go potty and hopped on our blog to check out the giveaway.

So here it is...
winner of my mom's little fabric bowl.............(drum roll)............Vivian
winner of my sterling silver, crystal earrings..........(drum roll)............Staci
WINNERS: Please send me an e-mail with your address asap so i can get your treasures out to you in the mail. My e-mail address is jlsparklz@comcast.net

I can't thank you all enough for stopping by a taking a look at our creations!!!! This is the first time i have ever participated in something like this...and for women to take a peek into my life and leave such sweet comments makes my heart fill with joy! Thanks for filling my cup...my mom's too. She was on the phone with i did the drawing of the names. Also...a special thanks to Vanessa Valencia for hosting such an awesome party!!!! You can find her here... http://afancifultwist.typepad.com/a_fanciful_twist/

This is so cool- thanks again. Have a wonderful evening and enjoy!!!!! We will have more giveaways so i hope you can make your way back to our blog and check in....peace.
~jodi :)