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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

some of my journal...

I love tea and enjoyed painting the stacked cups. Painting this was a real quick stress reliever. Had fun and got carried away with making the white specks....had white paint everywhere-ooops!
This was interesting to paint...a self-portrait. This is what i would look like- thin. This is what i would wear too. Ohh la la....I just love off the shoulder tops. Couldn't wear anything like- my boulder holder works overtime. I wish..i wish..
Just had to share these too! Mom sent me a love package in the mail and i adore them. She is too sweet- my friend did a huge favor for me and mom made her a few hot pads (mom said i could keep the rest)....not sure if any of these beauties are leaving my home (just kidding mom!)
have a great night....i want to write more tonight but my eyeballs are on fire- 9 hours in front of a computer at work and then i run home to check out blogs....um....my poor ojos!!!
Til next time-

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  1. Love the pot holders - I'm jealous. Ro must play with fabric every day. How lucky can you get! Thanks for peak into your journal. If you every go to Sunflower Market look for Eygtian Licorice Tea (sounds funny but it is fabulous). It is spicy and sweet and soothes the soul.

    A L