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Monday, June 29, 2009

It's a Monday- a great vacation day Monday

Good am- I am up early and scheduled a vacation- play day for myself today. Thought i would share the journal pages i worked on last night. Wanted to also share these.... I love my new dress forms....they are metal (the only ones i could find)- i really think they are cool. Now i have a place to put my necklaces when i take em off downstairs (ha!). i want to use these when my mom and i have a booth at a show. Our goal is do have a booth this year at a craft show or make our own open house deal- come on mom- let's do it!
Wanted to share this too.......My son Matthew (aka Dez One)....performed for the first time at Cervantes here in Denver- WOW! Matthew loves music and is fond of the hip-hop scene. He creates his own beats and writes his own lyrics. I am so proud of you son!!!!
I have started a journal page...not done but it's a start and i didn't lose my ticket!
Lucy needs a haircut...she'll have to wait til payday AND stand in line. Mom and Matt need could use a trim too (my trim is cheaper that hers). She's also ready for a walk...one more minute Lucy!
Inspired by Suzi Blu. Took an on-line class from Suzi Blu a while back and can't wait for her new Portrait & Poet class- it's coming up. Here's a link to her blog (she's awesome and i have followed her for a long time) http://suziblu.ning.com/
Here's a random journal page from last night....cut a cute pic from a Yoga mag and used it for inspiration. I would love to be bathed in "calm" during all situations. You know those folks that can remain calm in a crisis or in long lines or a the airport. I'm gonna be calm....remain calm..... :)
Hope you bathe yourself in calm today...find something calm to bathe in!!! have a beautiful day!

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  1. Thought I would check in on YOU! That's great about your son!! Music, what would we do without it?!! Suzi Blu is soOOOOOOo cool! I can't take any classes online because of my slow pc!! I'll get a new one some day!