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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Lucy girl

Lucy is our pet and we have had her for going on 9 or ten years!! Matt (my son) and I just love love love her! Lucy makes me happy...she listens to me and knows everything about me. She looks at me when i am telling her about my day- with that shiny little nose and lovely, blinky eyes. She has heard it all...my Lucy always greets me with so much love. This is a painting of my Lucy. I had another one of the entire painting- clicked a button and don't know where the heck it went. gone- gone forever. Anyway...I love my Lucy. If anyone of you reading this has a pet (especially a dog- you know what I am talking about). The love for your pet- the love I have for my Lucy girl. Can't really even explain it...yep- i'm a dog lover! :)
Jodi :)
ps- Lucy is scratching at the door- "come on mom- I need to do my business!"


  1. Wow Lucy's really adorable! I understand that special "connection" between you and your doggie. I also have a dog named Luigi. He always makes my day. Btw, I enjoyed reading your blog, your stories.

    Hugs for Lucy from Luigi and me.. :)

  2. oh my goodness, that is the cutest face ever!
    you are lucky to have such a sweetheart :-D