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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring is in the air...

Good Morning to all...to the world.
I went for a walk this am (took my Lucy). Matthew (my son) was asleep- we we left him sleeping.  Felt good to get outside and feel the air on my cheeks. Feels good to breathe deeply. I think walking makes me aware of my body- aware of my being.
Today- (this may sound silly) but I am going to treat myself like a queen. This for me means eating healthy (making good food choices for my mind and body); give myself a little foot massage after my warm shower and splash on some of my favorite perfume Miracle (i only use a smidge so it will last me throughout the year). I will say self-afirmations throughout the day (exp.  I am beautiful- I am strong- I am lovable). Long story short...I will treat myself today like I treat my best friends, my mother, my sisters (all the other special ladies in my life)...and that's pretty darn awesome.
I'm gonna do some art today as well. This always makes for an awesome day. It's palm Sunday- one of my favs as well.
Be good to yourself today! Love yourself! Do a little (lots) self-care today!!


  1. Make sure to treat yourself like a queen every day, not just today. You deserve it!

  2. Don't forget to put that crown first thing every morning! YOU ARE A QUEEN!!!