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Sunday, February 7, 2010

To my special Valentine...

I LOVE Valentine's Day!!! Finally put together my little pieces of love. I think i like em...it's funny. I had great ideas to paint my hearts (fully inspired by an artist from the most recent Paper Cloth Scissors- love this!) and make them all into mini wall hangings...um...that's not what evolved. I decided to make them into little "mini dream books". I adore little books/journals...so here you have it. Paint, a few stitches,a little fabric, a few pages to write/paint/doodle on (made of Rosin paper) and a whole lot of love. These little morsels of love are headed to the mail box tomorrow. :)

I hope you create some valentines of your own...they are so special- you could make someone's day with just a little love note. Love....i think the world could use a little more of it.

I used some shiny little clips to hold the little book together...hopefully they will hold all the hopes and dreams together.

My neice...little girls have big dreams! I hope she draws and paints in it. She already loves art and LOVES to paint!! Yea!!!

Used some of my favorite "shiny fibers" (i can't remember the name of it as i write this).

Love you forever... i used LOTS of glitter on this one and the one below...i just LOVE glitter!!

Mini "LOVE" wall hanging... below is a close up of the stitching...look closely....i have lots of "love" messages stitched into the fabric.


  1. omg these are great!! can i order one for me and leilaini please!!!! please!!! i will send you a picture of lielani can you do the same thing you did with faith!!! awwww i love it!!
    you are so freakin' creative!!! amazing work!!! i wanna be like you when i grow up!!! xoxoxo nessa

  2. I agree with nessa, and want to put my order in too. Your valentines are marvelous. Is that actual sheet music that you use or something else? I sure hope I'm on your Valentine list.

    Love you. AL