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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Flying Pink Guitar

Ok- so here's something that just tickles me "pink".
I am falling in love...all over again!! With guess what??? MY GUITAR! Can i just say that i have a re-newed passion. I have been playing a lot lately and have even taken a lesson to learn "rockin leads"! I learned to play the guitar when i was a little girl (around 13ish) and have always loved music. I played for year's in my mom and dad's band (played the drums back then) and have always plucked my guitar here and there. Mostly in love with acoustic but now i'm falling for the Hard Rock- not heavy or death metal---just the harder rock and i'm loving it!
so here "he" is....he's old but "he" plays like a champ! Someday...a new guitar. It's on my Christmas list.
Enjoy your evening...play some music...it's good for the soul (for mine anyway)!!

1 comment:

  1. La Jodi and her flying guitar!!!! Music run through our blood!!! I wish now I would have listened to ya'll and learned how to play!! I can't wait until we go visit and you can play for JL and Lani! xoxo nessa