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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to my sisters- Vanessa (Ness) and Amanda (Beez)

Happy Birthday!!
My sweet sisters share their birthday- time to celebrate! Today is their special day- they are exactly TWO years apart. I send love and hugs and big kisses to both of them today- Make a wish...may all your hopes and dreams come true this year!!!! One lives in Miami Florida and one in Monte Vista Colorado (I wished they lived here in Denver!). This is a pic of my little sisters when they were baby girls - seems like yesterday (they are gonna kill me :).


Love you Ness and Beez- who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? Thats CRAP- YES you can!!
Love you my sweeties!
~your big sis~
Peace and God Bless-
Jodi :)


  1. Wouldn't it have been cool if we could have had a party for both of them with all the family and friends. Hope one day that it will happen. I miss them too. AL

  2. Lol... look at my dress!!! that was a classic!!! thank you for the sweet wishes!! mom said we are going to have a big party for all of us this summer!!! whoot whoot!!! can't wait to see you!!
    xoxo ness