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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Birds are awesome...

Spring is in the air...i and loving the music in the am!! the birds are chirping and it makes me so happy. i love em.
these are birds that were painted by my Grandmother- Bea Mansanarez. She is an amazing quilter and China painter...and has many more talents as well. thought i would share some of her works with you- i love you Grams Bea! (i'll share some of my Grandpa Cam's work later too- he's awesome as well!)
ps- if you are interested in purchasing any items you see here (she has fabulous mugs w/ her birds)- please e-mail me at jlsparklz@comcast.net
enjoy- peace- and listen for those birds!


  1. Hi Jodi,
    Her work is so beuatiful, and precious. It is wonderful of you to show these works for Grams Bea, they are very well made and will be a great addtion to anyone's china or bird collections. They can actually be used as dinnerware too.

  2. Wow, beautiful artworks!^^