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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spread for Ness's baby shower

Yummy frosting.....Yummy cupcakes in the making. Thank you my little sweet niece Faith!! Such a wonderful helper!!
Check these out....yummy cupcakes. Some had sugar, some had coconut (you are such a wonderful baker mom!)
And let's not forget the yummy chocolate covered strawberries- goodness...what a lovely spread we had. Mom also made homemade chicken bow tie soup. It was so good- it was a cool day and with the fire burning slowly- it totally hit the spot. Oh...mom also made "hot" fresh from the oven wheat rolls topped with butter.

I loved this get together! We all came together for my sis's baby shower. Although she was not present (she lives in Miami with her wonderful husband and sweet baby girl) at her shower (in Colorado), we did call her and she thanked everyone and spoke with all of us via speaker phone. She teared up on us...she is such a gentle soul. We will travel to be with her very soon....can't wait to help welcome out newest member to our family. Thank you all for coming and making it such a special treat!


  1. WOW!! Everything looks amazing!! You ladies sure do know how to throw a party!! I can't wait to have you here with me!!
    Thank you for thinking of me and supporting me!!
    I love you
    PS Lets have a tea party here, Miami style!!!

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