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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hello to Everyone!

Welcome to our"spot". Jodi and I have had a passion for creating for sometime. There is something about taking a piece of fabric and cutting it up and then sewing it back together that satisfies the heart.

I enjoy all mixed media. My mother, Bea is a professional quilter/artist and my father, Camilo is a professional artist and silversmith, so it is no wonder that I am so amazed and so curious about all media. Because of this I can't decide on which media to create in....so when in doubt, try it all!!!

Thank you Jodi (my partner and daughter) and Matt (my grandson) for starting this new journey for us. Without Matt the technology piece would not be happening. Without Jodi this whole idea would not have materialized. Without the support of my husband, Joseph and our other children, Joel, Vanessa and Amanda, there would be no reason to create; they are infact my greatest creations!

I hope you enjoy your journey with us. Our creations come from the heart; a piece at a time...Beauty from the inside out!


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  1. love you mom- i am testing our comment section. :)