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Monday, February 23, 2009

It's a new day...

I am stepping out of my comfort zone...it's a new day. I have finally, after wanting, wishing and longing....started a blog. My mother and I, Rosalyn (Rare Raggz) have created for years and we would just love to share our creations and love for humanity. I can't wait to start this process...i will soon be adding- first off- a photo of my lovely mother and then will begin adding photos of our life and craft creations. My mother quilts, paints, sews, beads and everything in between. She is working on fabulous bags for all occasions! You will love them.

Thanks to my grandpa Camillo, I have learned to paint (he was the first one to place a paint brush in my hand). I have also taken an on-line class from Suzi Blu and she has given me so much strength (she doesn't even know me or know how powerful she has been in my life). I have a love for all work that is out there and i would love to share mine too.

Peace to all-

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